Ričardas Bartkevičius

is a prominent Lithuanian painter and educator. He was born 1959 in Vilnius. R. Bartkevičius demonstrated artistic talent in his early childhood. The first personal exhibition was held in 1979. In 1986 he graduated from the Painting Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Looking for his own painting style he admired and drew under the inspiration of El Greco, Tintoretto, and Peter Breigel works. Later he was interested in German, French, Lithuanian representatives of Expressionism. In 1982, 1984 he visited Armenia and Georgia. The medieval colouring of these countries paintings, the primitive art traditions have found resonance in the further works. Since 1990 he became a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Association, in 1994 he initiated an artists' group "E" creation, also he became a member of the group "Individualists" (1996). From 1990 he teaches at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (full Professorship). He is actively involved in Lithuanian cultural life, he had many solo exhibitions. His works are welcomed not only in the European continent, but also in Asia, American art lovers.

His works are presented in the collections: The Collection of Speyer Municipality (Germany), Zimmerli Art Museum (USA), The Collection of Tore Canavese Municipality (Italy), Lithuanian Art Museum, Modern Art Center (MMC), The Collection of Vilnius Municipality (Lithuania). Works in the Private Collections: Russia, Germany, France, Israel, Canada, USA, Denmark, Norway, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy and Lithuania.

Personal exhibitions

The most relevant outcome of artistic activity of the last 15 years

  • 2018
    • "Metamorfoza", Galeria Florianska 22, Krakow, Poland.
    • "Modest Glow of Everyday Life = El discreto encanto de la vida cotidiana", ArteriaBCN, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2016
    • "Look", "Laiptai Gallery", Šiauliai.
    • "About Things ...", Alytus Culture and Communication Center, Alytus.
  • 2013
    • "R. Bartkevičius Painting", Exhibition dedicated for Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • „Self-Identity” Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Porto, Portugal
  • 2012
    • „Simple as 2x2” Lithuanian Artists’ Union Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • „R. Bartkevičius: Painting” Dumlupinar University Gallery, Kutahya, Turkey
    • “About Women by Flowers”, B. Grincevičiūtė House-Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2009
    • “R. B. ART 1986-2009”, Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania; 2008 „Painting”, Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2008
    • „Painting”, Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • „The Admirable Daily Round”, Palanga, Lithuania
    • „Painting” Project „East Europe Art Meetings”, Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej WIGRY, Dom Pracy Tworczej, Wigry, Poland
  • 2006
    • „The Sound and the Color”, Lithuanian Technical Library, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • „Ričardas Bartkevičius Painting”, „Kolonada”, Druskininkai, Lithuania
  • 2004
    • „Pa-Ri-Pa-Ri”, Gallery „Maldis”, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2003
    • „Personal Exhibition of Paintings”, Gallery „2003”, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • „Ričardas Bartkevičius, painting, Leif Sylvester, sculpture”, Python Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
    • „Ričardas Bartkevičius – exhibition of painting”, Lyngby Kulturhus, Copenhagen, Denmark

Selected group exhibitions

The most relevant outcome of artistic activity of the last 10 years

  • 2018
    • International Exhibition „Join The Dots / Unire le distanze“, 2018-05-29 / 2018 09 02, Salone degli Incanti, Trieste, Italy.
    • „Individualists – Restored Lithuania 100“, 2018-01-23 / 2018-02-19, M. Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Exhibition Hall.
  • 2017
    • International Exhibition, 2017-10-06/11-06, Marziart® Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany.
    • 25th Exhibition of Christmas Miniatures „Jau atvažiuoja šv. Kalėda“, 2017-12-07/2018-01-07, “Laiptai Gallery”, Šiauliai.
    • Artistic Action by R. Bartkevičius and P. Jargusz, 2017 10 26, Nacional Museum in Krakow, Poland.
    • Exhibition „10 x 12“ of Collection of Foundation „Imago Mundi“ (Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy), 2017-05-05/ 05-17, Gallery „Meno parkas“.
    • Exhibition of Contemporary Lithuanian Art „25×25“, 2017-03-31/ 04-25, “Laiptai Gallery”, Šiauliai.
  • 2016
    • International Exhibition „Osten Biennial of Drawing“, 2016-07, Skopje, (Macedonia).
    • International Exhibition „City Colors“, 2016-08-07/09-06, “Laiptai Gallery”, Šiauliai.
    • Annual Exhibition of Vilnius Painters „100% TAPYBOS“, 2016-05-10/05-28, Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius.
    • International Exhibition „Tradition“ of 1st Mail Art Biennial, 2016-03-23/04-14, Namuk Kemal University, (Turkey).
  • 2015
    • International Exhibition „Kelias / Ceļš / Kett” Pärnu Museum (Estonia)
    • International Exhibition „(Ne)Riba” (Art project „Menamos istorijos”) Pamėnkalnis’ Gallery
    • Art project „Sasiedzi. Nowa sztuka polska i litewska. Twoja – moja przestrzen” Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland
  • 2014
    • 3rd Quadrennial of Contemporary Lithuanian Fine Arts „Kvadrienalė 2014 – dailė ant vėliavos stiebo” Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Traveling Exhibition „Šimtmečio portretas” for K. Donelaitis’300 Years Anniversary Minsk Republican Art Gallery “Arts Palace", Belarus
    • International Exhibition for A. Savickas’ Memory Savickas’ Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • „Laisvės spalvos” Annual Exhibition of Vilnius Painters Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • „Portret stulecia” Lithuanian Cultural Center, Warsaw, Poland
  • 2013
    • Exhibition dedicated for Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Užutrakis Manor House, Užutrakis, Lithuania
    • IV International Contemporary Art Fair „Art Vilnius’13“ LITEXPO Exhibition and Congress Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • International Exhibition „Nida – the Jewel Lithuania” Azad Bhavan Art Gallery, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Deli, India
  • 2012
    • International Exhibition “40 World Gallery of Drawing – Osten Biennial of Drawing” Osten Gallery Skopje, Makedonia
    • „(Kaip aš čia patekau) Tapyba Lietuvoje” CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • International Exhibition „Nida’s Paintings in India” Arpana Art Gallery, Deli, India
    • “Artists’ Works of Lithuanian Educational Sciences University” Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2011
    • 54th Venice Biennale of International Art, Scuola S. Pasquale, Venice
    • International Project „Cow parade” Europe Square, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • „Presentation of 54th Venice Biennale of International Art” Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2010
    • Contemporary Art Festival „Virus 15” Šiauliai Art Gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania
    • International Art Festival „Šiaulių monmartas” and International Exhibition Gallery „Laiptai”, Šiauliai, Lithuania
    • Gallery exhibition „Linija, spalva, erdvė” Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania


  • 2004 Lithuanian Government Stipendium, highest level, Lithuania
  • 1999 Lithuanian Government Stipendium, highest level, Lithuania
  • 1999 Stipendium of Lithuanian Artists Union, Lithuania
  • 1997 International Scholarship of the City of Speyer, Künstlerhaus Speyer, Germany

Public video footage

Rytoj, 2015-02-27, nuo 12 val. iki 16 val. R. Bartkevičius dalyvauja pilietiškumo akcijoje "Laisvė - tai mes". Vilniaus Gynybinės Sienos Bastėjoje (Lietuvos nacionalinio muziejaus padalinys). Adresas: Bokšto g. 20/18. Interviu LRT laidai:

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II-sis fragmentas iš laidos "Durys atsidaro" (R. Bartkevičiaus mintys)

Posted by Bartkevičius Ričardas - Paintings on Tuesday, July 1, 2014

R. Bartkevičiaus mintys LRT kultūros laidoje "Durys atsidaro" apie parodą "Skrydis". Visa laida: http://www.lrt.lt/mediateka/irasas/36842/durys_atsidaro

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Ričardas Bartkevičius. Apie daiktus...

Interviu personalinės parodos atidarymo proga Alytuje

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